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It s cool to wear it

It s cool to wear it

It s cool to wear it

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    It s cool to wear it
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    Jinmanlou Yangpo
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    Pc Books
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Li Si grew up in an orphanage. She lacked nothing. What she longed for most was family affection. However, in the eyes of her biological parents, she was far inferior to the adopted Li Hua after a kidnapping, Li Hua's parents chose to save her wish manor received her strong soul, abandoned her desire for family affection and became the task person of the manor in order to get the chance of rebirth, not to become a victim so lonely and unheard of, but also to personally end this cold family relationship with his parents, Li Si began to travel through different time and space again she accepts the wishes of those who died miserably, takes over one bad life after another, and helps task publishers live what they want most - Black hearted girlfriends who face and steal research results, dog men and women who face and seek to seize family property, school flower sisters who face and half mother... PS: Hostess: biologist + Super hacker, super genius, The technology mastered has surpassed modern civilization for hundreds of years no brain and no logic. Please move if you don't like it. No malicious comments