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I mistakenly became a top star

I mistakenly became a top star

I mistakenly became a top star

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    I mistakenly became a top star
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    Mu yunshang
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    52weixin Books
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2022-05-12 06:39:52
Qiao Xinyue wears it into her novel. The plot doesn't play cards according to the routine. She owes a lot of debt in order to pay off her debts, she stumbled into the performing arts industry Mingchen said, "do you think I can see you with my taste?" people thought it was impossible she blacked out in public: "unless he is blind, he will like me." grandpa arranged a date with a rich family. He said, "I can't." Grandpa: "why?" he said, "I'm blind." he said, "let's fall in love." she hum, "my sister does business and love affects work." on the way to fame, she tore up the black and white lotus without mercy. She wants to be a star that can make him look up and stand side by side with him he said: "the woman I like must be strong and independent. Whoever stumbles her must kick back." turned to those who bullied her, "do you have a problem with my woman? Come on, let's talk." finally, the news of the engagement between top Star Qiao Xinyue and President Ming of maple leaf group made headlines. Melon eaters: who dares to say that they are always blind? Yueyue's fans refused first!