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Douluo: I m sister Tang San

Douluo: I m sister Tang San

Douluo: I m sister Tang San

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    Douluo: I m sister Tang San
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2023-03-18 11:29:39
[no CP] Tang lightly dressed as an abandoned baby, was picked up by Tang San and became his sister from then on I followed Tang San to the awakening ceremony just to avoid laziness. Unexpectedly, I tested double martial spirits Haotian hammer? Come on, kiss! But you have to hide. There are many enemies asked the seven colored flower holding up his left hand "dear master zhanhun, can you help me see how my flower has seven colors?" "it's just a waste of martial spirit, but it's a pity that it is full of soul power." until a long time later, I saw Tang Xiaoming sitting in a tumbling cloud "I remember that your martial spirit is not a wild flower? How did it become a cloud?" "yes, I made a wish to it." "..."