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Emperor God Tongjian

Emperor God Tongjian

Emperor God Tongjian

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    Emperor God Tongjian
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    Alone on the
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    18ws Read
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[personal version] a cup of sake rewards ghosts and gods, half a Liang sincerely respects heaven and earth Penglai is ruthless, I have no intention, I will laugh at the Buddhas for the rest of my life on the way to the Tao, you can refine your mind, hold the seal of the Tao, command the heavens, and cross the three thousand worlds. You should take a step alone on the road of longevity [group image version] the nine charts of the sea world in the old God era are shrouded in the world, and all sentient beings are among them. In this era of the blowout of talents, who can break the charts and achieve immortality slow heat, no CP

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