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How can I not move

How can I not move

How can I not move

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    How can I not move
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    March Tangmo
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    People Books
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2023-01-31 12:24:01
Ning family and Jing family are family friends. Ning Suyi is only two months older than Jing. The two grew up together. In fact, they can't be called sister and brother however, when Ning Suyi is late in playing well everyday, he always relies on his being born dozens of days earlier than him. He often thinks of himself as his sister and his brother keeps shouting "brother, do you want to eat egg yolk? I don't want to eat." "brother, don't you find a girlfriend yet?" "brother, I find you don't smell medicine..." (Jing Chi was often sick when he was a child, and he smelled good Chinese herbal medicine) Jing Chi always gets angry when he heard Ning Suyi's name. Who wants to be your brother? I want to be your boyfriend... later, Jing Chi held Ning Suyi's waist and whispered in her ear, "sister, you look so cute when you are angry." Ning Suyi was so embarrassed that he stretched out his hand to cover his mouth. He was so strong that he seemed to cover him alive: "shut up, shut up! Don't call my sister again!! hear me?!" as soon as the man called her sister, She feels damn guilty Jingchi begged for mercy with innocent eyes, but after she released her hand, she relapsed: "no, sister." ... Jingchi: my happiest thing is to protect my sweetheart and grow up slowly how lucky! I've seen her cry when she was a child and her smile when she grew up.

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