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Rebirth 90 baby raising routine

Rebirth 90 baby raising routine

Rebirth 90 baby raising routine

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    Rebirth 90 baby raising routine
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    An an Na
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    52weixin Books
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2023-05-26 00:45:58
as soon as Cheng Su opened her eyes, she returned to the 1990s Cheng Su, 26 years later, takes a new look at the things that once made her depressed originally - the source of her daughter's fear of marriage lies in her her son's selfish character also has her reasons husbands are not so good for nothing her sister-in-law, who had always been regarded as the control group, did not take her seriously at all my sister, who has been digging her heart and lungs, just coaxed her to do nothing too much... it turns out that in those days, if she changed her ideas and knew more, the family would not be so bitter she remembered what her daughter had often said to her in her last life "Mom, why don't you read? The third aunt is as old as you. I saw her reading a novel every day..." on New Year's Eve, firecrackers crackled outside. Cheng Su sat in the room wiping tears and looked at the red candles in the room. Her eyes became more and more beautiful her son is her pride. Her son is a famous handsome boy in shiliba village. She always wanted her son to go to college and marry a city girl. Unexpectedly, after more than ten years of care, she dropped out of school my daughter has been admitted to university and even graduate school, but what's the use of being admitted? She doesn't have a good job yet? There are no objects yet How can you live like this? How can you be worse than others in a trance, Cheng Su heard Qin song's exclamation "Qin Qin, Qin Le, come on, your mother fainted..." Cheng Su has heard a saying that a happy childhood is cured all her life, an unfortunate childhood is cured all her life, and she will live a good life again!

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