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She became the white moonlight of the villain

She became the white moonlight of the villain

She became the white moonlight of the villain

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    She became the white moonlight of the villain
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    Meng Zhuang
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-09-24 13:05:13
Jiang Fu dressed up as the same younger martial sister who joined the leading role group in the ancient love story. She was infatuated with the male leader, but she couldn't love him. After being a demon, she took off her Xianmen disciple clothes and was ready to join the demon world - Jiang Fu wore them when Jiang Fu gritted her teeth to solve the strategy role of the demon family, she found that the villain who was highlighted in the data card had lost his memory because he broke his head and directly became a fool -- Jiang Fu was greedy and ready to grill the rabbit's leather rack. The villain waved his sleeve to put out the fire. He was innocent and sincere: "master, all things have spirits." -- when she met a gun bird demon, Jiang Fu felt the poison powder in her arms and was ready to send her to the West. The villain held her hand and begged in a tone: "demons also have differences between good and evil." God who is the villain? OK, will you be a decent disciple of the immortal sect * later, Jiang Fu watched the villain write down what is the way of a gentleman, and watched him stand in front of the towering mountain gate, draw his sword and kill one demon after another. Under his figure was the majestic righteousness JIANG Fu feels that she has completed her task, but as soon as she pretends to be dead and leaves, the system makes a big alarm - she's dead! The villain hurt the people of Xianmen and was on his way to destroy the leading group with a knife JIANG Fu, who just felt that she could breathe, said: my day

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