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Chang Jiuniang

Chang Jiuniang

Chang Jiuniang

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    Chang Jiuniang
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    Thousand island Banshee
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    Wine Novel
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2022-02-06 15:56:22
I'm only good at medicine and don't understand power. Don't bother me about the royal family * Chang Xiaojiu firmly believes that his boyfriend has crossed with him, but he doesn't know where he is now she wants to gamble with fate. If she wins, she can join hands with people in love to earn money in ancient times and live a natural and unrestrained life if you lose, you'll die alone the second generation of officials, the second generation of the rich and the son of the noble should go away. Don't tempt me. It's useless to be handsome the sixth Lord, don't be smart. I'm not hard to get. You don't understand the love of modern people