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Dress up, man. She s crazy again

Dress up, man. She s crazy again

Dress up, man. She s crazy again

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    Dress up, man. She s crazy again
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    Yin Yang Hall
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    Hot Read
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# face ## wear quickly ## group favorite ## big man ## shuangwen ##1v1## ten thousand fans ## slap on the face # abuse slag # everything Oh ~ wear the biggest bug in the legend, and the retired demon Yan Su has returned to work again for this big man, the internal evaluation of the authority is different some people say that she is cruel and murderous by nature, some say that she is Daji's reincarnation, which will bring disaster to the country and the people, some say that she is a demon appearing in the sea king to enter the world, some say that she is playing the role of a pig and eating a tiger, with great ambition, and the plot is the LORD God wherever she goes, there is no peace now, she's going to harm 3000 small worlds again. - "I heard that the big man is out of the mountain again? I don't have a chance to take a vacation. Is the big man so enterprising?" "Lord God seems to have disappeared recently? Isn't it a coincidence?" "it's not a coincidence!" "Oh, there's an inside story?" "I can only reveal three words - Fire (slaughter) burial (dog) field, you can think about the rest. " crematorium? boss or Lord God? finally, you will see the legendary gods (family) and Immortals (violent) fighting (present) frame (field) Have you seen the picture? I'm really looking forward to it! PS: This is the duel between abdominal darkness and abdominal darkness, the devil king and the devil king. Dog food is frequent and has great lethality. Please protect your teeth and heart and accept sweet critical blows at any time! Pet Wen! Shuangwen! Sweet Wen!

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