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Star boss, she s beautiful and sassy

Star boss, she s beautiful and sassy

Star boss, she s beautiful and sassy

Rating: 9 / 10 from 7953 ratings
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    Star boss, she s beautiful and sassy
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    Saito cat
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    Garden Novel
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After struggling for many years in the end of the world, zombie trained her skills and had full survival skills. Zombie was like chopping melons and vegetables. She hung up when I opened my eyes again, I came to the big star age, just... Very suddenly the boundless universe is vast. There are hundreds of star regions, thousands of galaxies and tens of thousands of stars as a black Hukou that appears out of thin air in the main galaxy of the B-class star domain of the star Federation, Charlotte has always pursued the principle of low-key however, someone always wants to destroy her low-key life, which is... Very annoying the first day I met Charlotte: the little girl is very nice the nth day I met Charlotte: lying in the trough, where did this big man come from big brother, she is beautiful and SA, cruel and fierce. She knows that there are thousands of interstellar species and different customs and cultures, so... Don't beep if you can move your hand -------------------- eating guide: big female master hard core machine armor, just and rustling ~ PS: the novel "chaos of ghosts and demons" with 140W words has been completed. The pit product is guaranteed. You are welcome to review the collection ~

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