[unpaid/sample] I’ve never had a matcha latte and honestly don’t understand the obsession with matcha. I only quite recently had a chai latte (loved it!) and even more adventurously (for me) had a rose latte which is seared on my brain as one of the most beautiful things I’ve even drunk in my life. But matcha – don’t get it. However, I’m aware that matcha is very high in antioxidants so it’s a good thing to drink and because of those antioxidant properties (also add anti-inflammatory) a lot of brands use it as a skin care ingredient.

There are so many good things in this hand and nail cream that matcha is the very least of it. Shea butter, tamanu oil, sweet almond, hazelnut, linseed, sesame and jojoba and a big push of vitamin E all add up to a very thorough product that I can feel providing a proper barrier. It’s not sticky or heavy but it feels protective and nourishing. The smell is quite earthy by the way – I neither like it nor dislike it.

There’s nothing like a new lip balm to cheer up my week and this Matcha Lip & Nail Balm is so lovely it’s not going anywhere near my nails because I want all of it for my lips. It’s slidey and glidey on application but is a good stayer that feels like its doing its job while looking like you just applied some light gloss. Again, it has an earthy kind of an aroma and while I very much don’t like ‘flavours’ in my balm, I think I’d have liked just a little hint of rose or something. Or maybe – thinking as I’m writing here – that’s what matcha smells like! I really don’t know but I don’t feel any more encouraged to try a latte! The hand cream is £23 HERE and the lip and nail oil is £27 HERE. I’ve also got Hyaluronic Super Balm for Hands & Feet but I need a little more time on that one so I’ll do a separate post for it next week.


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