[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] If you ask me the brand I most associate with bronzer, it’s still Guerlain, who, back in 1984, invented their Terracotta powder inspired by a trip to the heart of the desert. To be fair, that does not sound at all appealing in the way that perhaps a day on the beach in Nice would but perhaps marketing was not what it is now – and Fry’s Turkish Delight got to the desert first in 1982 so perhaps that baking sand was a beauty trend we never fully appreciated 😊.

Every year, a limited edition Terracotta appears and this year, it’s Superbloom in Shade 3, Medium Warm, their most popular colour. There’s so much more to this bronzer than you might imagine because it’s inspired by the Californian ‘superbloom’ which Wiki describes as ‘a rare and well-timed act of nature that causes short bouts of wildflower blooms all at once in a particular area”. The powder is embossed with tiny flowers and has a shimmering pink overspray for detail. That translates to your skin as a blush effect if you are specific with your brush, but you can swirl the whole thing over with a big, fluffy blush and get a light shimmer effect to the bronze.

The powder itself is infused with honey from the euphorbia flower and the entire product has the scent of orange blossom and ylang ylang – the ultimate ‘holiday’ scent. In more recent years, Guerlain has embraced the bee symbol more whole-heartedly. It originated in 1853 with a bee bottle created as a wedding present for Empress Eugenie de Montijo with Napolean III. The brand is responsible for the ‘Women For Bees’ programme which is linked with UNESCO and is a women’s beekeeping entrepreneurship that both educates through workshops and spreads the message about bee protection.

Shade 3 is too warm for you if you’re very fair skinned (there are other options of course, but not this pretty!) and too light for you if you are deep toned, but it’s their best selling shade to Guerlain has played to the crowd. I’d advise using the well worn Number 3 application (start at forehead, just to one side of the middle, with a big fluffy blush lightly loaded with bronzer and swish it from there in towards the cheeks and then out again, finishing at the jaw line) with the softest brush you have. It’s £47 everywhere except Escentual, where it’s £37 HERE.

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