[unpaid/samples] I first came across L’Era when they got in touch last year – it’s a new, mother & daughter founded jewellery brand whose point of difference is using gold plating that’s ten times thicker than usual vermeil. One of the things I said at the time was that I wear my jewellery – I don’t take it off for baths, showers, sleeping or well, anything really. If you know vermeil, you’ll know it has a tendency to wear off really quickly and before you know it you are suddenly wearing a silver bracelet or necklace.

.L’Era Jewellery – New Designs

They also use lab grown diamonds to create tiny pendants like the one above. It keeps costs down but it looks as spectacular as the real thing. I like fine (as in delicate and small) jewellery – my Indian rings are a recent passion and up until I had those, I was all about the tiny jewels.  Most of my jewellery is very understated – you’ll have seen a variety of fine chain bracelets on my swatching pictures over the years but none in recent months because they went dull or broke. As I say, I don’t treat them with any particular care. So, I was really curious to see how L’Era fared over time – I put the Paperclip bracelet on last October and haven’t taken it off since. The wear is very impressive – it’s still as gold as it was at the beginning.

L’Era Jewellery – New Designs

From bottom to top – a vermeil necklace I bought not so very long ago and it’s completely lost its lustre, my original L’Era Paperclip bracelet, and the new Shimmer Paperclip bracelet, which, like it’s plainer sister, went on my wrist straight away and has stayed there.

L’Era Jewellery – New Designs

There’s also a Shimmer Paperclip necklace (also on straight away!) which will be a summer go-to – it’s a great length being somewhere between short and long so if you’re layering your chains, this is an excellent middle chain.

There’s an anklet in the same design but I am not ready by any means to get my ankles out yet! When I am ready, I’ll wear with trainers.

L’Era Jewellery – New Designs

I love both the bracelet (£45 HERE) and the necklace (from £59 HERE). The mini lock with a lab grown diamond is £59 HERE. The jewellery comes so nicely packaged in a pistachio green wallet inside a box and honestly, it feels like such a treat to have these. I have a code for you – use BRITBEAUTY20 for 20% off (excluding sets) until 31st May 2024. If you have special birthdays to buy for (I think Lucy would love these because she is like me in preferring understated jewellery) or just think it’s time to shine up your spring, I’d genuinely recommend for robust but delicate daily wear.


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