[unpaid/sample/ad] Last week I went to the launch of CHANEL Jardin Imaginaire Summer 2024 – a collection created by Ammy Drammeh, Global Make Up Creative Partner whose inspiration is amplified fairy tales – jewel like flowers, colour saturation and harmonious light. It reminded me so much of the work of my favourite hyper-realism photographer and artist, David LaChapelle.

This trio should give you a flavour of the day – luckily I bumped into a make up artist friend, Florrie White, who stepped in as unofficial MUA (of course there were CHANEL MUAs but the queue!) to apply the Stylo Ombre et Contour in Dream Leaf, a vivid lime green that you’d normally avoid like the plague but it’s so shimmer hit that it looks incredible. She took it over my whole lid whereas I’d probably have just done a shy little line left to my own devices. I’ve got one on the way so I’ll cover it in a separate post. As you can see, Dora is perfectly at home and never happier that tapping her way through the plush carpets at the CHANEL store.

The shades I took home are Attaya (the brown/bronze) and Neon Dahlia (blue).

The other star of the show is Baume Essential in Moonlight Kiss – the product looks like glass in the tube because there is so much reflectivity coming off it before it goes anywhere near your skin. It’s a rose gold shade that gives next level luminosity. I never quite know how much luminosity is too much on my own face so somewhat boringly, I’ll use this on the tops of my cheekbones and probably not the browbone, the nose or the inner corners of my eyes as suggested. Eek – Tesco is not ready.

As you can see, I have one colour on each eye – I think you are getting the full measure of Neon Dahlia which is just full of shimmers and iridescence. You can also see the light pinging off my cheek from Moonlight Kiss.

I think that Attaya is more my comfort zone – I’ve worn it a couple of times over the weekend and it’s so much more bronzy and intense than it looks here. I took it over my lid and under my lower lash line and it’s truly beautiful. So, there are seven shades of Stylo Ombre et Contour (they’re £34 each). I’d suggest, particularly if you have oily lids, that you use a primer first – what makes these colours look almost liquid is oil and for longer stay you’ll need to counteract that a bit.

You can see how Moonlight Kiss can become seamless with the stylos – I’d be tempted to have a line of Attaya followed by a lid of Moonlight (applied with a brush). They’re HERE, as is Electric Brown, my all time favourite shade of Style Ombre et Contour that makes your irises glimmer and eyes smoulder.

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