[unpaid/sample] I saw a friend drinking a glass of 8 Greens and immediately wanted to try some. I am good at eating my greens – I try to have fruit, salad or veg every single day but some days, fitting in the standard 5 portions is impossible. I’m not sure how to fit them all in without having things I don’t want – if I’m craving marmite on toast for example (which I do, a lot and I’m sure it’s my body telling me I need B vitamins) then there’s nothing you can put with it that doesn’t spoil that singular experience. I’m not having grated carrot on marmite on toast any more than I’m adding courgettes to chili con carne. Some days, it just doesn’t work out.

8 Greens Supplements

We all know what we should be doing. You can see from the side of the box what each green tablet contains – these aren’t something I’d take every day but more for when I know my diet has been low on green nutrients. I am not a fan of kale smoothies (or kale for that matter) or swampy green drinks – and make no mistake, the tablets give your glass of water a bit of a pond smell, but that’s absolutely bearable because it tastes pretty good.

I’ve started on the melon version and it’s perfectly pleasant. Aside from spinach, I’m not sure on that list what I could include without supplements day to day. Coming into winter, I’m pleased to have these to give some immune support and as I drink much less water in winter (I think we all do) it makes me have more of that as well. I take supplements already for my skin and have done for many years and am always open to taking more (although have had to have a proper sort out and cut back because I’m such a sucker for them… I always think, oh I need some of that, and some of that, and some of that and before you know it, your pills have piled up). I take B and D vitamins in spray form and along with skin think that’s plenty. Oh, I have sneaked in a joint supplement as well now I think about. So, what’s appealing to me with 8 Greens is that it’s on a need basis not a regime – I think you know when you need to top up on greens either because your body gives you a hint or you realise you’ve been short on them over a period of time. They’re £14 for ten HERE which seems okay to me for occasional use.

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