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Through the unpopular queen

Through the unpopular queen

Through the unpopular queen

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    Through the unpopular queen
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    The morning light is like water
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    Lava Novel
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2021-11-25 08:23:55
The text is as follows: once crossing a country, it is the peak of life. There is a virtuous empress's good name outside, a legitimate son near the body inside, and a tassel from generation to generation in the family. I have talent and appearance. Isn't this the rhythm of lying down and winning? However, the goose has a beautiful dream and a slap in the face in reality - it has a good reputation, but it is not favored; The emperor's husband has white moonlight in his heart and colorful flowers in front of him; Although the legitimate son is pure and kind, his brother seems to be more brilliant; Although the family is strong, its population is declining and gradually declining... As a modern white-collar worker who can't get boxed lunch without three questions in the online version of gongdou test, Gu Yue said that the pear is very big. She wants to follow the example of her predecessors through the clouds and rain, clear away the obstacles and help her parents and children ascend. Lacking in ability and means, she asked herself if she really can't do it, or give way to ensure the safety of her mother and children, Can she get real peace? When the interests of the family conflict with the imperial power, which part should she choose to stand? Online, etc., very urgent... This article is overhead history, purely fictional.