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My wife is going to join the army

My wife is going to join the army

My wife is going to join the army

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    My wife is going to join the army
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    Six string song
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2022-01-27 02:25:06
She is the direct daughter of the prime minister's house, the niece of the northern Dan king, and the daughter-in-law recognized by the emperor she could have won, but she had to rely on her strength to earn fame who says that women are inferior to men when they defend the territory and catch treacherous officials everyone thinks that she is gentle and virtuous, and is an example in the boudoir, but they don't know that when she pulls out her sword, the mountains and rivers tremble, and when she writes, the world loses color she laughs at the city and then the country Miss Gu once held her forehead and sighed: I hate that I am not a man and can't marry you she is wearing armor and looks up at the heroes Miss Gu held her startled chin: Fortunately, I am not a man, otherwise I will be ashamed in front of you the emperor has a headache: it's not right to give you the crown princess. It's not right to give you the princess. Come on, do you want to give you the throne She:... Why don't you give me a general... she sat on the horse, condescending, pointed a Shura sword at the man she had knocked off the horse, and her voice was crisp and bright: "you can wash today's clothes and cook your meals." the man jumped up and patted the dust on his body, provoked the corners of his mouth and endless spoiling in the bottom of his eyes, "obey the lady." a generation of arrogant generals turned into a favorite wife maniac!

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