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Skill space in the era of rebirth

Skill space in the era of rebirth

Skill space in the era of rebirth

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    Skill space in the era of rebirth
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    Recalling the former residence
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2022-06-27 09:53:19
Bian Lili and her family fish, who lived in the 25th Century, accidentally got a skill space. Based on the unwritten law that space is either the end or the passage, they started the crazy buying mode when they hoard goods and materials to catch their breath, they are reborn because of an accident. It is an era when they need letters of introduction, rely on labor for meals and tickets for everything fortunately, their space and materials came with them, which gave them confidence in their life in this era, but they found a big bug in this space before they were happy and because of this big bug, they have started a happy life (men and women are both clean and one-on-one. They can't break more, break more and break more. They can say important things three times, so those who like to read Shiwen can rest assured to enter the pit.)