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Lady emperor leisurely biography

Lady emperor leisurely biography

Lady emperor leisurely biography

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    Lady emperor leisurely biography
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    Clear water and blue smoke
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    Day Books
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2022-01-05 02:29:43
Zhang Xiaoying, a modern girl, was accidentally accepted as an apprentice by a beauty in red in high-dimensional space. She foolishly participated in a gambling appointment between the beauty master and the same old monster in high-dimensional space. She became an unpopular common woman. In order to live a good life for herself and her aunt's biological mother, she went to a private school, studied business, supported her brother into an official career, experienced multiple hardships of survival and emotion, and finally grew into a generation of female monarch step by step. Of course, it does not humiliate the teacher's life and completely defeat the old monster's Apprentice - Beichen emperor Guo Baobao.

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