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The last big man is busy farming

The last big man is busy farming

The last big man is busy farming

Rating: 9 / 10 from 17675 ratings
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    The last big man is busy farming
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    Lian Qirong
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    Famized book
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2021-12-04 04:00:31
After seven years of fighting in the end of the world, Yang Zhiyue, a man who has stood at the peak of force value, and his team member Chen Jiaer died vigorously in the battle with strange animals, but before returning to the end of the world after death the old man who came back planned to plant the field in peace. When he planted it, he found that something was wrong... the thunder from somewhere in the sky hacked the crops in her field. The old man muttered in his heart: did the crops in my field become fine Tianlei: he lost his head and missed it. He cried and hawed Chen Jiaer: I think it's you who are struck by thunder Yang ziyue: what?

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