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But Uncle Huang likes me

But Uncle Huang likes me

But Uncle Huang likes me

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    But Uncle Huang likes me
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    Yixi liushang
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    Apple novel
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2021-11-25 02:55:26
It is said that the seventeen princes of QIANDU City claim that God is absolutely "not close to women, do not like drinking, do not like gathering people, do not read old feelings and ignore worldly affairs". They only want to practice immortal Dharma and make pills however, only one woman is unforgettable... The hostess heard the voice and was ashamed: I also came back from the spirit snake's mouth after life and death as a centennial spirit servant of the underworld, he was innocent and involved in worldly disputes because of investigating a murder case. Turning into cannon fodder, she vowed to be strong and cruel let's see how she returns from the counter attack and fills the snake pool! Cut the peach blossom! Tear the demon ex... - every day! Two books are finished! Please feel free to enter the pit!