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My family has a system

My family has a system

My family has a system

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    My family has a system
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    Wine Novel
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2021-12-03 03:36:28
The Bai family held a meeting and everyone sat together Bai Yulan said, "be frank, what's the secret." Mother Zhang He: "let me tell you first. I have a garden system, worth 300 million yuan. I designed the forest garden." sister-in-law Chen Li: "I have a post movie system, and I have a box office of 30 billion." brother Bai Chuan: "I have a black sheep subsystem, I don't have money, and there are many elixirs. If you want to prolong your life and stay young, come to me." niece Bai Ying: "animals like me very much. Oh, I have a big Ecological Zoo." husband Zhang Tong: "I have a millionaire system. I have shares in 24 listed companies, worth $20 billion." Bai Yulan: I just want to be an ordinary rice bug. Can you stop being so rebellious?

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