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Jiao Dai Fenghua

Jiao Dai Fenghua

Jiao Dai Fenghua

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    Jiao Dai Fenghua
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    Blue fourteen
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    Mountain Book
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2022-06-09 15:25:42
"Hao'an, after all this has been settled, I want to take you all over the land. There is no disturbance, only me and you." a stunning woman leaned against a man with a vision in her eyes, while the man always had a smile on his mouth and deep love in his eyes picture conversion - "Zhang haoan, are you such a person?" a woman pointed at the man with a sword and said calmly, but her eyes were full of disappointment and her heart died the picture turns again - it's still the woman, holding a man covered with blood. The woman's eyes have lost focus, "why, why, you still owe me a reason..." there are many war drums around, but she still can't wake up the sleeping man.