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My wife is a little wild

My wife is a little wild

My wife is a little wild

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    My wife is a little wild
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    Magic mu'er
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    365 Books
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2022-01-26 09:40:38
1v1 Shuangjie sweet pet Su ran was reborn in a remote mountain village the original owner is a fool, and an ugly Xianggong wait, add another mop people in the village climb the wall every day to peek at this stupid and ugly "perfect couple" fighting poor jingle and smash dishes in such an embarrassing situation, Su ran covers her little heart to show that she feels cardiac arrest fortunately she has a space for the four seasons of the year she has a pair of skillful hands that can revive everything in the world she has beautiful star eyes that can see through the world when the villagers continued to climb the wall to peek at the joke of the "perfect couple", they found that their wall seemed to be high look at the door again doesn't a fool seem to be stupid ugly doesn't seem to be ugly anymore - that is, Su Ran's life style is a little poor... Ke's parents and Ke Fu can't live longer than 18 years old in order to make the ugly husband live longer, she avoided everywhere however, on that day a husband suddenly knocked her in the corner, "the whole apocalypse is mine. Do you think you can hide?" Su ran, "I... there was a knock at the door the voice of the emperor of Beirong kingdom came, "Beirong is a big country, and Ranran comes to Beirong. You can choose where you want to hide." the little emperor of Shengyuan Kingdom hurriedly snapped, "Ranran comes to Shengyuan, I will close the country and outsiders are not allowed to enter." the demon emperor of Cangwu Kingdom kicked the door directly, "Ranran comes to Cangwu, the country is yours, and so am I. whoever dares to touch your hair, I will pack him up and feed him to the dog." hearing the speech, a minister immediately angrily issued a decree... "from now on, any crooked fruit country leader is not allowed to step into the Apocalypse country, and those who violate it will be killed!"

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