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Top rivals are in love

Top rivals are in love

Top rivals are in love

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    Top rivals are in love
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2021-11-28 01:11:22
It is said on the Internet that the top idol Xi Ci and the new Xiaohua Yan painting have been sworn enemies since high school. After Yan Hua was signed by the Xi CI agent, they couldn't see eye to eye with each other the two fans ridiculed each other every day Xi fan: Yan Hua rubbed my family's hot resources! Can your family have today without my brother's support Yan Fen: Yan Hua won the prize as soon as he made his debut. Do you need to rub the resources of your Wannian sophomore however, fans didn't know that Zhengzhu had a two-way secret love and sprinkled dog food every day until one time, Xi Ci was asked by a reporter: "Xi Ci, you have been ranked second by Yan Hua for many years. What do you think?" Xi CI smiled gently and starlight in his eyes when facing the camera, "it doesn't matter, because I like to surpass her." crazy demons on the whole network! CP powder Carnival [female host version] in her previous life, Yan Hua suffered a blow from her mother as soon as she got the film. After rebirth, she decided not to enter the entertainment industry, study hard and be an ordinary person so she became a Xueba for the first time she thought her life would go on like this step by step, but her resignation broke the secret and completely changed her originally cold life [men's main edition] as a top idol, fans are most proud that he is not only good in business, but also strong in learning. He is the first in every examination and competition until Yan painting appeared, Xi CI became the second child of ten thousand years he regarded Yan Hua as a thorn in the flesh. It happened that after the senior three shared the table with her, Xi resigned with a bad mind and wanted to explore the learning secret of Yan Hua and pull her down from the first throne it turns out that the little girl seems a little distressing... [the background is overhead, don't textual research, it's not easy to write a book, just don't like to quit]