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Biography of Xinyi

Biography of Xinyi

Biography of Xinyi

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    Biography of Xinyi
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    The Yin family is gone
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    Happy Read
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This is a diary written in different handwriting for 20 years during the reign of Renzong in the Northern Song Dynasty in the second year of Mingdao, Bianjing imperial city. The queen was dead and the new emperor was first established. The powerful officials in the court, the harem and boudoir. Unpredictable and murderous Zhang, the female musician of xianshaoyuan, entered the palace at the age of eight. First as a royal servant, then as a Xiuyuan. At the right time, I suddenly met the loss of my son she was demoted as a beauty, but suddenly became a imperial concubine overnight. He seemed to be in high spirits and finally died in the Dragon bed Bao Zheng, Su Shi, Yan Shu, Ouyang Xiu, Fan Zhongyan, Sima Guang and LV Yijian all hated them whose career and power have been ruined by a little woman who wants to float and sink in the sea?

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